My Software

These are the main software projects that I am working on.

What's New

Violoncello logo


A powerful text-based browser with lots of features and a sleek user interface. Available for iOS, Android, and Windows, Violoncello can run on all sorts of devices!

 iOS  Android  Windows
StreakWriter logo


Introducing StreakWriter, an app that motivates you to improve your writing skills via several different means. These include a streak feature for you to maintain, an overall experience score, and quick writing goals that can be met easily. Whether you are an aspiring author or just someone who wants to write better, StreakWriter might be able to help.

Compliment Moi logo

Compliment Moi

A fun app that takes a photo of you and gives you a compliment! You can choose from different compliment lists to keep things interesting.

 iOS  Android  Pebble
LinkBoard logo


Meet LinkBoard, a simple and intuitive app that lets you save links to websites, email addresses, locations, and phone numbers for later! Formerly known as LifeBoard.

TaskNudge logo


Set a single, short-term task for yourself and get reminders every few minutes to complete it. If you have trouble remembering to do a quick task or have difficulty staying focused, you'll likely find TaskNudge helpful!

binoc logo


Start something with an image, quote, and intention for yourself.


Other Projects

These are my main software projects, but they aren't the only ones I work on. You can find my other projects on GitHub and the archive page.