Owner Info

OwnerInfo Screenshot
A handy app that makes it easy to identify you if you lose your device or experience a medical emergency.
Download (v1.2)


PyCalc Screenshot
A Pythagorean Theorem calculator for Palm OS.
Download (v1.1)

THRZ Finder

THRZ Finder Screenshot
Find your target heart rate zone.
Download (v1.2)

Palm Beeper

Beeper Screenshot
A simple app that lets you experiment with your Palm's speaker.
Download (v1.0)

Shape Calculator

Shape Calculator Screenshot
Easily calculate the size of circles and triangles on the go!
Download (v1.0)

Random Number Generator

Random Number Generator Screenshot
Generate random numbers on your Palm OS device!
Download (v1.0)

Dice Roller

Dice Roller Screenshot
Role dice on your Palm OS device!
Download (v1.1)

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