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binoc… on Windows Mobile?

binoc… on Windows Mobile? 8/24/2020   Hey, everyone! Yes, it is true. I have released a version of binoc for Windows Mobile! It’s not nearly as feature-rich as its Android counterpart, but it does give you a quote and let you set an intention for yourself. You can check binoc for Windows Mobile out here. On that note, […]

New Pocket PC program!

New Pocket PC program! 8/18/2019   A few weeks ago, I released a random number generator for Palm OS. I am excited to announce that I have released one for Windows Mobile! It isn’t particularly advanced, but it does have some pretty neat built-in features. You can learn more about the Random Number Generator for […]

Introducing Writer Mobile

Introducing Writer Mobile 7/27/2019   I have released a few programs for Pocket PCs over the last few weeks. There is Secret Message, a fun little program that Windows Mobile Fans will enjoy. There’s also Easy Clock, a program that lets you view the exact time on your PDA. The latest addition to the Pocket PC software […]

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