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That didn’t last long…

Hey, everyone! Welcome to my new, new blog. Yes, I have once again changed platforms for my blog. However, I promise there’s a good reason for this, and I’ll explain why in this post. What was wrong with Blogger? Not much, really. In fact, the only major issue with it as a platform was the […]

Update your moral compass!

Update your moral compass! 8/29/2020   Earlier this evening, I was looking at some of my old Windows programs when I found something I had mostly forgotten about. It was a program I wrote as a joke nearly a year ago, and it’s surprisingly still quite entertaining! Meet the Moral Compass Updater.​ ​The Moral Compass […]

What’s going on?

What’s going on? 8/23/2020   A little while back, I wrote a post about how a new era had begun for Tectra. However, to be able to move on from the Tectra of old, I realized that I was going to have to kill off some of my older projects. That is why many of […]

A New Era

A New Era 8/11/2020   This post marks the end of an era for Tectra. In the past, I’ve worked on a number of projects, all of which have been free. However, today, I am going to reveal one of the biggest secrets about the app I am working on: I’m going to likely charge […]

A Quick Update

A Quick Update 6/17/2020   Hi, everyone. I know that I haven’t been super active this month, but I have been working on some Tectra-related things recently. I have made a few changes to the site and the Play Store listings for some of my apps. I have also been working quite a bit on […]

Goodbye, Tectra Auto Clicker

Goodbye, Tectra Auto Clicker 4/21/2020   I had a hard time creating this post. However, I think that it’s for the best I go through with this. I have decided to discontinue the Tectra Auto Clicker.​ How come? Well, it’s pretty clear that the Tectra Auto Clicker is long past its prime. It lacks features, […]

Happy Birthday, Tectra Blog!

Happy Birthday, Tectra Blog! 2/15/2020   A week ago, I got an email from Weebly telling me that my domain was going to renew for the third time. To think that this website is approaching three years old amazes me. I started this website with very little knowledge of coding, yet it has now become […]

Back in business!

Back in business! 2/8/2020   Saying that Tectra has been inactive over the last few months is an understatement. Thankfully, Tectra is back in business! An update for ComplimentMe is rolling out that adds a programmer themed compliment list. Additionally, I plan on working on several other projects in the coming weeks. The reason why […]

Cleanup time!

Cleanup time! 1/23/2020   While my laptop is in the process of being upgraded, I’ve been working on some smaller projects for Tectra. As of right now, I am currently making some refinements to Tectra’s web applications, such as the Lynx Online Editor. (Speaking of Lynx, the online editor is now open source! You can […]

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