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PodStream v1.1 is here!

PodStream v1.1 is here! 7/29/2020   Hey, everyone! I know I have been working a lot on Windows Forms stuff lately, but there was one last Windows program that I wanted to release a major update for before I returned to school: PodStream. So, that’s what I did!​ PodStream v1.1 is a pretty minor update, […]

PodStream is here!

PodStream is here! 4/20/2020   Greetings, everyone! Today, I have some very exciting news. PodStream has been released! This is a program that lets you use some of your old iPod’s features that are no longer supported in iTunes, such as contacts and calendars. PodStream makes it easy to do all of these things and […]

Which devices are compatible with PodStream?

Which devices are compatible with PodStream? 4/19/2020   Greetings, everyone! With the release of PodStream just over the horizon, I thought I’d share a list of the iPods that are compatible with it. I hope you find this helpful! Key:Green: device is supportedRed: device is not supported iPod Models All supported iPods must be Windows formatted. Classic […]

An update on things…

An update on things… 4/8/2020   Greetings, everyone! You may have noticed that Tectra hasn’t been very active lately. This is partly because I have started working on a new program for Windows called PodStream. It is a very cool project, but it is also very time-consuming to write. If you’re interested in learning more […]

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