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Plans for November

I’ll admit, this has easily been one of the craziest years of my entire life. With the pandemic, it’s been a bit hard to keep a real schedule and plans for each month, as things keep changing every day. That being said, I hope to stick with my plans for November to the best of […]

New Plans for September!

New Plans for September! 9/15/2020   I’ll admit, September has been a bit of an odd month for Tectra. Due to my Universal Windows Platform plans not working out, my schedule is kind of messed up. Thankfully, I have some new plans for the remainder of September, and I’ll be going over them in this […]

Plans for September

Plans for September 9/1/2020   Though it may not seem that way, August 2020 was a pretty big month for Tectra. I announced my new plans for the site, released my first paid app, introduced widgets for binoc, as well as a version of it for Windows Mobile devices, and released several minor bug fix […]

Plans for December

Plans for December 12/13/2019   December is here, and Christmas is only 12 days away at press time! As a result, I have some more spare time than usual, meaning that I have quite a few plans for the rest of the month. Keep reading to learn more about them! My Plans: PDF Toolbox updates: PDF […]

Goals for November

Goals for November 11/4/2019   November is here! That means that I have some new goals for the month. Remember, these are my goals. Whether or not they’ll actually see the light of day is unknown. However, with any luck, they hopefully will. My goals: vtOS v1.1: I have begun working on the next version of […]

Plans for October

Plans for October 10/21/2019   I’ll admit, it is a bit late to release my plans for the month. However, I feel that it’s still worthwhile, as I have a few exciting things planned. Keep reading to learn more! First and foremost, I hope to update my Compass & Barometer app. I want to add […]

Plans for April

Plans for April 4/3/2019   It’s hard to believe it’s already April! It feels like I just wrote my plans and goals for March. I have some pretty exciting goals for April! Remember, these are my goals for the month. I don’t know if I’ll actually be able to achieve all of them. Keep reading […]

Plans for March!

Plans for March! 3/8/2019   My goals for March 2019 It’s March, and I have planned out what I’m going to be doing this month! I would like to put it out there that these are my goals for the month. It is not guaranteed that I will achieve all of them, so keep that in mind […]

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