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GoFrench 2.0 is here!

GoFrench 2.0 is here! 8/12/2020   Hey, everyone! I just thought I’d mention that I released a big update for GoFrench: GoFrench 2.0 This update introduces a new user interface, a French news feed, and a dropdown menu with several useful links to French-related sites. Needless to say, I’ve added quite a few new features! […]

Introducing GoFrench!

Introducing GoFrench! 7/24/2019   My mother — who is a French teacher — mentioned two of her favorite resources for students one day. They were WordReference and Linguee. She explained that WordReference gave better definitions for words while Linguee provided better definitions for terms or multiple words. That got me thinking: what if I made a website that […]

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