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Some small updates…

Hi, everybody! I have released a couple of small updates for some of my Android apps. Here’s what’s new: Violoncello v1.1 – I have fixed the bug where you are unable to purchase premium. I’m very sorry I didn’t catch this before I released version 1.0, but at least I noticed it within 24 hours […]

Violoncello and Optimization

I was about ready to release Violoncello. I felt like I had finally finished this huge project that I started over a month ago. However, there was one major obstacle left in my path: optimization. This had been something I struggled with throughout Violoncello’s development, but I had fixed a lot of issues in that […]

Some updates on Violoncello!

I know, I know… these days, it’s always Violoncello, Violoncello, and so on around here. I’ve been working on this project for a long time now. However, as I have said many times before, Violoncello is a massive project, so that’s to be expected! I’m really trying to make it as awesome and user-friendly as […]


Violoncello 10/14/2020   A few days ago, I announced that a major new Android app was in the works. When I was writing that post, I thought I knew what this new app was going to be. However, after a day or two of trying to get that idea to work, I realized that it […]

A new major Android project!

A new major Android project! 10/12/2020   It feels like LifeBoard was released just yesterday. In reality, however, it’s been well over a month since LifeBoard first appeared on the Play Store. Personally, I think it’s time for a massive Android project again! Project plans and whatnot… Here are my plans for the project as […]

widgets for binoc

widgets for binoc

widgets for binoc 8/22/2020   Hey, everyone! I just started rolling out an update for binoc that adds one big new feature: widgets for your Home Screen! ​The first one is the quote widget, which (you guessed it!) displays a quote from binoc. The second one is the intention widget, which displays the intention have […]

Meet LifeBoard!

Meet LifeBoard! 8/17/2020   Notes applications are nothing new. However, LifeBoard, Tectra’s latest and greatest Android app, despite having many of the core fundamentals of a notes app, is truly unique! When I was creating LifeBoard, I realized that I would have to do a few things differently if I wanted my app to stand […]

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