Month: August 2020

Update your moral compass!

Update your moral compass! 8/29/2020   Earlier this evening, I was looking at some of my old Windows programs when I found something I had mostly forgotten about. It was a program I wrote as a joke nearly a year ago, and it’s surprisingly still quite entertaining! Meet the Moral Compass Updater.​ ​The Moral Compass […]

binoc… on Windows Mobile?

binoc… on Windows Mobile? 8/24/2020   Hey, everyone! Yes, it is true. I have released a version of binoc for Windows Mobile! It’s not nearly as feature-rich as its Android counterpart, but it does give you a quote and let you set an intention for yourself. You can check binoc for Windows Mobile out here. On that note, […]

What’s going on?

What’s going on? 8/23/2020   A little while back, I wrote a post about how a new era had begun for Tectra. However, to be able to move on from the Tectra of old, I realized that I was going to have to kill off some of my older projects. That is why many of […]

widgets for binoc

widgets for binoc

widgets for binoc 8/22/2020   Hey, everyone! I just started rolling out an update for binoc that adds one big new feature: widgets for your Home Screen! ​The first one is the quote widget, which (you guessed it!) displays a quote from binoc. The second one is the intention widget, which displays the intention have […]

Meet LifeBoard!

Meet LifeBoard! 8/17/2020   Notes applications are nothing new. However, LifeBoard, Tectra’s latest and greatest Android app, despite having many of the core fundamentals of a notes app, is truly unique! When I was creating LifeBoard, I realized that I would have to do a few things differently if I wanted my app to stand […]

GoFrench 2.0 is here!

GoFrench 2.0 is here! 8/12/2020   Hey, everyone! I just thought I’d mention that I released a big update for GoFrench: GoFrench 2.0 This update introduces a new user interface, a French news feed, and a dropdown menu with several useful links to French-related sites. Needless to say, I’ve added quite a few new features! […]

A New Era

A New Era 8/11/2020   This post marks the end of an era for Tectra. In the past, I’ve worked on a number of projects, all of which have been free. However, today, I am going to reveal one of the biggest secrets about the app I am working on: I’m going to likely charge […]

Something big is coming…

Something big is coming… 8/2/2020   Hello, everyone! Today is August 2nd. This is important because tomorrow, I go back to school. This means that I will have a lot less time to work on new projects. However, I do have some good news. I prepared for this!​ How did I prepare for the decreased […]

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