Month: July 2020

PodStream v1.1 is here!

PodStream v1.1 is here! 7/29/2020   Hey, everyone! I know I have been working a lot on Windows Forms stuff lately, but there was one last Windows program that I wanted to release a major update for before I returned to school: PodStream. So, that’s what I did!​ PodStream v1.1 is a pretty minor update, […]

Introducing PDF Toolbox v1.4.0!

Introducing PDF Toolbox v1.4.0! 7/28/2020   With summer break rapidly approaching its end and school beginning in less than a week, I’ve made it a priority to get as much programming stuff done as I can. Today, I have released a new update for PDF Toolbox: version 1.4.0.​ What’s new: Compress PDF: This new feature allows […]

Syndicate v1.4 is here!

Syndicate v1.4 is here! 7/27/2020   Lately, I have been working on improving some of my older projects. Today, I am happy to announce that I have finally gotten around to updating Syndicate, my RSS feed reader for Windows! Here’s what’s new.​ Improved UI: ​By far the most noticeable change in this update is the improved […]

a trailer for binoc

a trailer for binoc 7/26/2020   Hi, everybody! I have some pretty exciting news: I have made a trailer for binoc! Earlier this week, I visited some family up in the mountains of Massachusetts. While I was up there, I thought it could be cool to make a trailer for an app, as the mountain […]

binoc is here!

binoc is here! 7/15/2020   Greetings, everyone! Today, I have some very good news. The Android app that I’ve been working on for a very long time is finally here! Meet binoc, the perfect way to start your day, yoga, meditation, and everything in-between.​ ​With an aesthetically pleasing design, binoc gives you a random stock image […]

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