Month: February 2020

A small update for Syndicate

A small update for Syndicate 2/24/2020   Greetings, everyone! I have released a super small update for Syndicate. It fixes a few bugs and refines a few features. If you already have version 1.3 installed, you probably won’t need to update to the latest version. However, if you haven’t tried out Syndicate yet, now is […]

Syndicate v1.3 is here!

Syndicate v1.3 is here! 2/23/2020   It has been ages since I last updated Syndicate. However, that changes today with the release of Syndicate v1.3. This update for Syndicate introduces a ton of exciting new features while improving the user interface! What’s new: Find feeds: Looking for a certain feed? You can now search for a […]

Happy Birthday, Tectra Blog!

Happy Birthday, Tectra Blog! 2/15/2020   A week ago, I got an email from Weebly telling me that my domain was going to renew for the third time. To think that this website is approaching three years old amazes me. I started this website with very little knowledge of coding, yet it has now become […]

Back in business!

Back in business! 2/8/2020   Saying that Tectra has been inactive over the last few months is an understatement. Thankfully, Tectra is back in business! An update for ComplimentMe is rolling out that adds a programmer themed compliment list. Additionally, I plan on working on several other projects in the coming weeks. The reason why […]

PyCalc has been released!

PyCalc has been released! 3/5/2020   Hello, everyone! Lately, I have been working hard on PyCalc, a Pythagorean Theorem calculator for Palm OS. It can solve for the legs and hypotenuse of a triangle. You can also choose how far PyCalc rounds the final result. If you’re interested in checking it out, click here. I hope […]

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