Month: November 2019

Tectra Writer v2.2 has been released!

Tectra Writer v2.2 has been released! 11/25/2019   Hello, everyone. I am extremely excited to announce that Writer has received yet another update! Version 2.2 makes some huge improvements to the user interface. Additionally, it adds some cool new features. Keep reading to learn more! What’s New: Larger Icons: I have made the icons on the […]

vtOS v1.1 is here!

vtOS v1.1 is here! 11/23/2019   Yes, you read the title of this post correctly. vtOS has finally received a much-needed update! Version 1.1 introduces a couple of new features that you’ll enjoy checking out. It also fixes some bugs. Keep reading to learn more! What’s new: Temperature Converter: You can now easily convert Fahrenheit to […]

Introducing ComplimentMe!

Introducing ComplimentMe! 11/10/2019   Feeling gloomy? Perhaps you could use a compliment! ComplimentMe is a positive mirror app. Essentially, you take a selfie and get a compliment for it. Everyone who I’ve shown it to has thought it was a lot of fun. Plus, it genuinely cheers you up! If you want to try it […]

Goals for November

Goals for November 11/4/2019   November is here! That means that I have some new goals for the month. Remember, these are my goals. Whether or not they’ll actually see the light of day is unknown. However, with any luck, they hopefully will. My goals: vtOS v1.1: I have begun working on the next version of […]

Exciting new update for Sidebar!

Exciting new update for Sidebar! 10/31/2019   Hello, everyone! I have some very exciting news. Sidebar just got an exciting new update! This update introduces some new features and improves some old ones. Keep reading to learn more about what’s new. What’s new: Quick links: Want to visit a website with just a few clicks? If […]

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