Month: October 2019

An update on PassLab for Windows

An update on PassLab for Windows 10/29/2019   Hello, everyone. You may have noticed that the PassLab for Windows page went down. After careful consideration, I have decided that it’s best if I focus on the online and Android versions of it. Having three different versions to manage is cumbersome, and there really is no […]

Octua 15 has been released!

Octua 15 has been released! 10/27/2019   Hello, everyone! Good news: Octua 15 is here! This update is fairly minor, but it does make some important improvements. In this post, I’ll be going over what’s new in the latest version of Octua. Tab position: One of my main goals when working on Octua is to add […]

Introducing SpeechLab!

Introducing SpeechLab! 10/21/2019   Introducing SpeechLab, the latest and greatest Android app from Tectra! This is a simple and ad-free text to speech app. You can easily change the pitch and volume of the voice, among other things. Overall, it’s a handy app to have! Similar to the Scanner app, SpeechLab isn’t a major app […]

Plans for October

Plans for October 10/21/2019   I’ll admit, it is a bit late to release my plans for the month. However, I feel that it’s still worthwhile, as I have a few exciting things planned. Keep reading to learn more! First and foremost, I hope to update my Compass & Barometer app. I want to add […]

Introducing PassLab Online!

Introducing PassLab Online! 10/16/2019   Have you ever wished that PassLab could run in your browser? If so, your wish has been granted, as PassLab now has an online version. It includes all of the features that its Windows and Android counterparts have. Additionally, PassLab Online retains the same simple and ad-free user-interface seen on […]

New update for Writer!

New update for Writer! 10/13/2019   Tectra Writer has received a new update! It introduces many useful features and makes some important improvements. Keep reading to see what’s new! What’s New: Aqua theme: This update introduces a new theme! It has a nice blue color scheme. Clipboard: You can now easily view the text on your clipboard […]

Two updates in one day!

Two updates in one day! 10/8/2019   PassLab and Octua have both received an update today! Each program has received a few new features that will improve the user experience. Keep reading to learn more! PassLab v1.1 What’s new: All capital: You can now have your password only consist of capital letters. All lowercase: You can now […]

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