Month: August 2019

Introducing PreBook!

Introducing PreBook! 8/25/2019   Have you ever wanted to use Facebook on your WebOS device? If so, you’re in luck! This is because we have released a Facebook Client for WebOS. It has many features, including messaging, posting, and more! If you want to check it out, click here.

We’re now making WebOS apps!

We’re now making WebOS apps! 8/24/2019   Ever since I received my Palm Pre, I’ve desperately wanted to write apps for it. Good news, I finally got around to doing just that! You can check them out on the all-new WebOS Apps page. It has two apps so far. These include a handy Circle Calculator and, you guessed it, […]

New Pocket PC program!

New Pocket PC program! 8/18/2019   A few weeks ago, I released a random number generator for Palm OS. I am excited to announce that I have released one for Windows Mobile! It isn’t particularly advanced, but it does have some pretty neat built-in features. You can learn more about the Random Number Generator for […]

Writer v1.9 is here, and it’s really neat!

Writer v1.9 is here, and it’s really neat! 8/17/2019   Hello, everyone! Tectra Writer v1.9 is here! This update makes some notable improvements and fixes a huge bug that has plagued Writer since its launch. Keep reading to learn more! What’s new: Look up words: Need to look up some specific text in your document? Just highlight it […]

Introducing LynxFest!

Introducing LynxFest! 8/9/2019   To celebrate the release of the new Lynx Online Editor, we’ve created LynxFest! This is a Lynx drawing competition. You can learn more by visiting this page. I hope you enjoy LynxFest 2019!

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