Month: June 2019

Satin Web 12 has been released!

Satin Web 12 has been released! 6/28/2019   Satin Web keeps getting better! In the latest version, Satin Web 12, I have fixed many annoying bugs, improved the user interface, and added a really neat new feature. Keep reading to learn more. Have you ever wanted your browser to stay in front of other windows? […]

The Tectra Sidebar just got a design overhaul!

The Tectra Sidebar just got a design overhaul! 6/24/2019   When I created the Tectra Sidebar, I mainly focused on features and compatibility. The design was not my top priority. However, that has changed with the latest update to the Tectra Sidebar, version 1.2. This update improves the Sidebar’s design, introduces a new way to […]

ClipIMG v1.2 is here!

ClipIMG v1.2 is here! 6/23/2019   ClipIMG version 1.2 has been released! The headlining feature in this update is the new design. It looks very minimal and modern, which I quite like. Also new are tooltips. These are little messages that provide useful information when you hover the mouse pointer over a button or link. […]

An awesome tip for Lynx!

An awesome tip for Lynx! 6/20/2019   Hello everyone! Did you know that the caption feature also doubles as an eraser in Lynx? This feature is really handy if you want to erase something you didn’t want to draw. Just be careful that you don’t accidentally erase something important when moving the caption around. I […]

Lynx v2.3 is finally here!

Lynx v2.3 is finally here! 6/20/2019   It has been over a month since I last updated Lynx. An update is long overdue. Thankfully, I have finally gotten around to releasing a new version of Lynx. This is probably one of the most exciting updates for Lynx in a long time. It was definitely worth […]

Tectra is back!

Tectra is back! 6/13/2019   Hello everyone! I just got back from vacation in Europe! I have been gone for a few weeks now, but I am happy to report that I have started working on Tectra stuff again. Hooray! I will be releasing updates for some of my programs very soon. Stay tuned!

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