Month: April 2019

Cello Version 1.1 is here!

Cello Version 1.1 is here! 4/27/2019   Happy Saturday everyone! I am excited to announce that Cello Version 1.1 is here! This update makes some exciting improvements and bug fixes to Cello. Keep reading to see what’s new. What’s New: Cello can now be used as a simple text editor. You can also save the […]

Satin Web 10 is coming soon!

Satin Web 10 is coming soon! 4/21/2019   These days, it feels like Satin Web is often ignored. I rarely mention it in the blog anymore. However, that doesn’t mean that I’ve been neglecting it. In fact, over the last month, I’ve been working on the new version of Satin Web: Satin Web 10. Satin […]

Lynx 2.0 is here!

Lynx 2.0 is here! 4/20/2019   Lynx 2.0 has been released! This update introduces several exciting new features. Keep reading to see what’s new! What’s New ​Added the background tab. Added the ability to hide the commands box. Changed the default back color to white. Improvements and refinements to the user interface. New logo. Design […]

Lynx 1.9 is here!

Lynx 1.9 is here! 4/10/2019   Hi everyone! I just released Lynx 1.9. This update is the final major release for Lynx 1.x. There are many exciting new features in this update. Keep reading to learn more! What’s new: Added the ability to change the font in the commands box. Made Lynx easier to use […]

The official Lynx Wiki

The official Lynx Wiki 4/7/2019   Hey everyone! I have some good news: Lynx has its own wiki! The main purpose of the Lynx Wiki is to help people understand how Lynx works. Additionally, it also will have downloads to every version of Lynx, primarily for historical reasons. I hope you will enjoy the Lynx […]

Small update for Lynx

Small update for Lynx 4/5/2019   I have released a really small update for Lynx, version 1.8.1. I noticed that the commands box was a bit cumbersome to use, so I made it larger. I also made the commands less crammed together. Despite being an incredibly small update, this does make Lynx a bit more […]

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