This is Tectra Systems, a place where I share my computer-related creations.

Some helpful links:

  • 💾 My Software - You can find all of my software here. I've written a lot of programs for many different platforms!
  • ✏ My Blog - Ever since early 2019, I have regularly written posts on my blog! This is where you'll find updates on my software and what I am currently working on.
  • 👋 About Me - Learn more about who I am.
  • 💬 Contact - A list of ways to contact me.
  • 🐣 Twitter - The official Tectra Twitter page!
  • 📺 YouTube - Tectra on YouTube.
  • 🌐 Pocket PC Planet - A site (not associated with this one) I created with a friend that is dedicated to preserving the history of Pocket PCs!

What's new:

  • Meet Violoncello, a powerful text-based web browser for Android!
  • Syndicate v1.5 has been released! This updates make several improvements to the user interface and squashes a number of bugs.
  • Lifeboard v1.3.1 has been released, and it is now available for download on the Play Store.