Hi, I'm John!

This website is where I share my software, projects, thoughts, and everything in-between.

About Me

I have been interested in gadgets and technology from a young age, and I am a self-taught programmer with experience in Kotlin, Swift, C#, Java, and several other languages. I have used these interests and skills to create numerous different applications, many of which you can find here.

Aside from working with computers, I enjoy reading, writing blog posts, hanging out with my cats, playing video games, and learning more about watches and horology. With any luck, my little corner of the World Wide Web will help share these interests and creations of mine, and thanks for stopping by!

Social Stuff

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Featured Project

StreakWriter Logo

StreakWriter for iOS is here! This is an app that motivates you to improve your writing skills via several different means. These include a streak feature for you to maintain, an overall experience score, and quick writing goals that can be met easily. Whether you are an aspiring author or just someone who wants to write better, StreakWriter might be able to help.

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My attempt at a thoughtful pose.